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Game Mechanics Playdeck

Posted in General by timjonesplanner on August 31, 2010

Cool post from Techcrunch that reviews SCVNGR’s cheat book of gaming mechanics in the form of a card deck. Similar to Jesse Schell’s ‘Book of Lenses‘, the card deck comprises of 50 different game mechanics that can be used to form the foundation of a game. Very useful indeed.

Some of these mechanics work to directly exploit  cognitive biases, i.e. the systematic errors we make in certain circumstances. Exploiting these biases raises some ethical questions over what we should, and should’t use gaming for, something considered here.


Welcome ‘To Game My Brand’

Posted in General by timjonesplanner on June 17, 2010


Hey there gamer. This is the official blog for the recently written IPA Diploma dissertation ‘Gaming Brands’.

What Is Gaming Brands?

‘Gaming Brands’ is an approach to brand planning that applies the principles of gaming to brand building. This approach represents a fundamental shift from building brands as message transmission devices, to building brands as behaviour change systems. This approach is firmly rooted in established human psychology, leveraging our predisposition to ‘game’ life to further the commercial aims of brands operating in the modern world. Gaming Brands has implications for those who understand consumers as active participants and wish to build truly interactive brands to suit their needs.

Download The Paper

The paper can be downloaded here. A more printer friendly version, without appendix and fewer examples can be downloaded here.

Easter Egg Hunt

Did you find the all 10 of the Easter Eggs hidden within the paper? Share your score here via the comment function. If you’re feeling kind, you may even give the stragglers some hints and tips…