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The Age of The Game Layer

Posted in Uncategorized by timjonesplanner on August 31, 2010

A great TED talk by Seth Priebatsch from SCVNGR that expertly demonstrates the power of game mechanics to change real world behaviour.

According to Seth, the last decade was about the social layer, a framework for social connections (Facebook). The game layer is about influence over behaviour, influencing what you do and how you do it. Seth believes, as do I, that this has the potential to be more influential than the social layer.

His talk covers four of the most powerful game mechanics that form the game layer that are central to influencing behaviour:

  • Appointment dynamics – reward performing a certain behaviour at a certain time/place
  • Influence and status – rewarding with status or influence
  • Progression dynamics – reward progression over time
  • Communal discovery dynamics – reward communities working together

50 or so more mechanics can from SCVNGR can be found in the post below.


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