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Gaming, Right or Wrong?

Posted in Uncategorized by timjonesplanner on August 12, 2010

In a now famous talk at Dice 2010, Jesse Schell advocates using game like mechanics such as points, achievements and rewards to change real world behaviour.

These mechanics undoubtedly work to a certain extent, with some being more effective than others. Schell paints a world were games are used to better society, helping us become healthier, more socially responsible, and perhaps even happier people.  But are they right or wrong? Ian Bogost argues that whilst the outcomes of such games can be desirable, by altering people’s motivations we devalue the result.  Is being more socially responsible really a desired outcome if the individual’s motivation was purely to ‘win’ a game? This is a classic ‘ends justify the means’ argument, and one that we will have to consider as we begin to use game like mechanics more and more.

Update: Just read another great post on the subject of ethical games here.


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